Interview of Mr. Amritanshu Saroj – Amazon Best sellers.

1. What is the motivation for choosing writing profession, what is your why?

I believe that it’s my moral responsibility as an Author to spread awareness, motivate, etc. regarding health and fitness. My intention is to bring a positive impact to the reader’s life, thereby creating a positive ripple effect.

According to the current scenario all around the world, it’s high time for Human Evolution. It’s a matter of the adaptability quotient.

2. what are your main topics of writing?

Health and fitness, self-help

3.How many books have you written?

I have written and published one book so far.
Happy Transformation is my first book.

4.who are the people who inspired you?

Parents, siblings and mentors.

5. Will you build your career as an author?


6. What is your qualification, profession and work area?

“Prevention is better than cure.”

B.R.Amritaanshu Saroj is serving as a Holistic Health Mentor @ awareonc – social initiative: Cancer awareness among the younger generation. His work as a Holistic Health Mentor for awareonc is to consult for analyzing and understanding the root causes of cancer at the primordial and primary levels of prevention and then providing the various remedies and solutions by taking a holistic approach. A holistic approach helps people to work on their potential to be a better version of themselves.

Preventive measures can be applied at any stage along the natural history of the disease.With the goal of preventing further progression of the condition. His work is at the level of primordial prevention and primary prevention.

Primordial prevention
Primordial prevention consists of actions to minimize future hazards to health and hence inhibits the establishment of factors that are known to increase the risk of disease. It addresses broad health determinants rather than preventing personal exposure to risk.
factors, which is the goal of primary Prevention.

Primary prevention

Awareonc Primary Prevention:
Primary prevention seeks to prevent the onset of specific diseases via risk reduction. by altering behaviors or exposures that can lead to disease or by enhancing resistance to the effects of exposure to a disease agent.

1. Promoting cancer awareness at the family level for healthy eating and correcting
lifestyle-associated risk factors.
2. Educating health to the younger generation.
3. Banning tobacco products.
4. Limiting processed food including the red meat intake.
5. Training
Health Ambassadors for community teaching.
@ Awareonc Founder and Director
B. R. Achyut, Ph.D.
Cancer Scientist and Educator

Amritaanshu is working as a Nemerov’s Expert and helping people to work on their Potential through a combination of Numerology and Vastu along with few other techniques and bringing positive changes in their lives.

He has planned to start his solo podcast as well as interview podcast as a Health.
Podcaster to spread awareness, motivate, etc. to his podcast listeners. His intention is to
create a Health Transformation that makes his listeners – Happy as well as
Cherish all types of Quality Relationships for a Grateful Abundance Life.

His Dream Project
To serve as an Earth Collaborator … to add value…on a mission…vision…framework he will be sharing soon on his website.

7. what are your interests?

My interests are as follows:
1- Yoga, meditation, being physically active.
2- Learning, implementing, and spreading awareness regarding health and fitness.
3- Pistol and Rifle shooting
4- Cooking
5- Reading government research works related to complementary and alternative medicine, neuroscience, psychology, occult sciences, etc. which can be used as holistic and, integrated approaches at all levels of prevention.

8. Who is your audience?

My target audience or readers are teens and young adults who are interested in health and fitness, self-help.

9. What is your work style?

10. What is your writing style and method?

11. Could you suggest some good ways to promote Kindle eBooks?

1- Amazon and BookBub advertisements.
2- Free and paid book promotion agencies.

To expand the reach and visibility of your book organically, one can try various eBooks, books, and author groups on different social platforms. (sales are not guaranteed)

12. How did you market your book?

I market my book through Amazon and BookBub advertisements.
How part is explained in my Mentor’s Author Freedom Hub and I exactly follow my mentor’s advice for marketing.

13. Do you think that google ads and Facebook ads will be of help to
promote eBook? If not, where should we put our ads?

We must put our ads in the following:
1- Amazon advertisement
Amazon is the largest platform for eBooks.
2- BookBub advertisement
3- Draft2digital

14. what is your opinion and solution to writer’s block?

You must be aware of your strong why. The ultimate reason why you want to be an author. Ikigai exercise is extremely helpful in this regard.
Please do not be a perfectionist. Take an inspired consistent imperfect action. With the right mindset take the baby steps towards your transformational journey of being an author. Your environment matters a lot while researching and writing.
You must fix the place, timings to do so. Pomodoro technique also helps a lot. In initial phases of writing, you must keep on testing what suits you the best. Yoga, meditation and being physically active also helps in your work efficiency.

Collaborate and be in touch with as many authors as possible and get inspired by them who already overcame the writer’s block.

Always be grateful for what you have and what you can give!

15.What is your current reading list?

Government research works related to complementary and alternative medicine, neuroscience, psychology, occult sciences, etc. which can be used as holistic and integrated approaches at all levels of prevention.

16. Do you think book cover design, the blurb, reviews and proper
introductions are important for book promotion?

Each and everything mentioned is equally important for book promotion to generate curiosity and attract a wide range of readers.

17.Can you give any message or advice to aspiring authors?

Authorepreneur journey is a transformational journey!

You transform by taking inspired Consistent Imperfect Action (C.I.A).

In your author journey,From writing to self – publishing and thereafter launching, sales and marketing, it will not be easy and simple. But you can make it so with your persistent efforts plus smart work. This yields fruitful results and it is worth your time, energy and money. Sales and marketing is a service that is a lifelong process just as Learning. According to researchers, Lifelong learners are happier, healthier, and live longer.

You must keep on writing. You need to be the cause of someone’s happiness. You must be the life to inspire, illuminate, touch, and enlighten others through your presence.
Even if you bring a positive impact on one person. It does make a difference! You must act and it’s worth it.

Always be grateful for what you have and what you can give!

To your healthy bliss life!
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