5 A’s of Indie Author’s Success and Power.

indie author success

How do you define success of an Indie Author?

How to be a successful self-published author ? What is the meaning of Indie Author’s Success? More book sales, more popularity and a great following? World wise fame? what counts as an indie author? More indie author earnings for the ? Writing more an d writing with more force? All this comes as you believe it be a part of success. But what about the fresh indie author? What are the conditions leading to success for her? I am just discussing below in own humble way some points for her success, no assurance but it can lead to the way for sure.

The 5 A’s to Ace in the Indie Author’s Success

The first and foremost A is Association

The first and foremost A is Association. Associate yourself with people who inspire, motivate, teach and guide you to realize your purpose. But writers, authors, and artists are usually lonely beings isn’t it? But being lonely does not mean that you are really isolated, no everybody has a muse, has an inspiration, a group or patrons who encourage them.

Also somebody has said that you are the average of 5 persons you associate with. For Indie Author’s Success you need a mentor too. Besides even after finishing your master piece you will need to market it, here also association with the right people will assure your success. In fact you need a team of people or influencer assuring your success.

And then you must belong to a community or group which constantly motivates you to better. You need to make the best choices to reach a still higher level. If you are stuck with mediocrity you surely need people who can see your possibilities and motivate you form that level.

Readers are your source of inspiration, bread and butter suppliers, inspirers, motivators – in fact the very source of your motivation and reason of the existence of your work. So association is an important point for this just one reason of not any other for

The second A for Indie Author’s Success is Accountability

  1. If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it. – Toni Morrison
  2. That which does not kill us makes us stronger. – Nietzsche
  3. Books are a uniquely portable magic. – Stephen King

Do you remember in your childhood your parents made you accountable and pin responsibility of what you were doing or what you did not do. But come youth, you cross 18 and poof! All this responsibility and accountability thing disappears . You become a little loose.

Find a good and dependable accountability partner – somebody to whom you listen and have faith in. The log journey of writing has many pitfalls – one of the causes of failures is the lack of accountability. You are not answerable to anybody – so you just do not bother. That is why you need to find an accountability partner who could drive you to your goal.

Maybe some times she will have to bully you, cajole you- but here the most important thing is punctuality for your sessions to make you perform. It is good if you are self motivated and a hard worker, but accountability partner could be one of the reasons by which Indie Author’s Success is assured. Choose whom you trust and person who assures that you perform.

The Third A for Indie Author’s Success is Awareness

Awareness for Indie Author's Success
The Fourth A for Indie Author’s Success is Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement of your weaknesses is essential to get success in any field not just Indie Author’s Performance . when you accept your weaknesses with grace, a new power and confidence arises in you to overcome them and move on. if you ignore them then they overcome you. Don’t struggle with them with violent thinking and immediacy. Give yourself some time and space to remove them.

Do not also have a rear mirror view of them, a author Hal Elrod says – our sub conscious minds are equipped with a self limiting rear view mirror, through which we continuously recreate and relive our past. One incident in our past life clouds our judgement on our selves, we believe that who we were is who we are now. NO! we can and must change, and before that you need to acknowledge that which drags us down. we filter ourselves with this rear View mirror Syndrome. Do not do this to yourself.

After acknowledging this you need to think of strategies to overcome them. by this negative filter. A little thinking, reading and research my help you to control this. Try to control your thoughts with the help of deep breathing and some altogether different approach. Like worn baggage we burden our today with yesterday’s fears, worries, problems, failures. So be careful about what you carry in your mind all the time, to assure Indie Author’s Success be alert on this count because it may affect your performance. Your past does not equal your future.

The Fifth and the Last A is for Action

  1. Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on. – Louis L’Amour
  2. To gain your own voice, you have to forget about having it heard. – Allen Ginsberg
  3. Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand. –  George Orwell

Without it everything you aspire to do is just a pipe dream. Relentless massive action is the one essential ingredient which could assure scintillating success. But first be sure of two things – your thinking, feeling and acting all three are moving in the same direction to give you a powerful intention. Then it will become a valid action for Indie Author’s Success.

As you move on with this action, you become more and more confident and powerful with all your doubts and worries left behind. Lack of right action and intention may cheat you out of your success. what is the indicator sign that it is a valid action. You feel a gentle feeling of peace and joy, contentment and assurance that yes this is what I was aiming for. Of course the result of this action may come later, but for now this can be your guide.

Keeping a work life balance and with an eye on your goals keep doing these valid actions, when you do enough of these valid actions , they will crystalize into great karma to uplift you. Rest of the things can wait except maybe health and family relationships.

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