6 Simple Tips to Create DIY Book Covers that Attract Readers.

DIY Book Covers

Why go for DIY Book Covers ? How can I make my own book cover? Book covers and their designs really make the life of Indie Authors difficult because even after getting okayed by very experienced people , you do not know how is it going to attract the buyer. You also need to make […]

5 A’s of Indie Author’s Success and Power.

Indie Author's Success

How do you define success of an Indie Author? How to be a successful self-published author ? What is the meaning of Indie Author’s Success? More book sales, more popularity and a great following? World wise fame? what counts as an indie author? More indie author earnings for the ? Writing more an d writing […]

Multitasking 9 Solid Reasons to Quit .


Why is multitasking important? To save time and use our energies for so many different types of tasks. That means we think time as a commodity, our life energy is measured in time segments, whereas they are energy packets to be focused on our tasks. We want to take charge of our time in multitude. […]

How to Get Free Amazon Book Reviews : Part 1


Tips For Getting Free Amazon Book Reviews For an indie fresh author it is quite a task to get some fair and book free Amazon book reviews for your maiden book. To make this task easier I have complied a few tips here to get effective reviews. Form a group of co-authors, who would support […]

16 Tips to Write An Effective Blog

Why To Create an Effective Blog .You need more audience for your website. More and more people should find you in search engines. A Reader has a very short memory in this age of information explosion. Besides the website visitor hardly remains on it for 30 seconds, to make him interested and act on your website you […]

What is the Worth of JK Rowling and 7 reasons why

What is the Worth of JK Rowling and 7 Reasons Why Book Earnings While Rowling has certainly earned a lot from Harry Potter, there’s some controversy about whether she’s reached billionaire status. In 2004 she was the only author Forbes magazine put on the Billionaire list.JK Rowling has not said something about her wealth, but […]

7 Tips to Improve Your Creative Writing Skills

Creative writing skills

7 Tips to Improve Your Creative Writing Skills What Affects Your Writing To improve writing skills there is a simple solution. Your Writing depends on how much you have read and written and digested it. This does not have to be official or published content. It could be about a hobby, a goal, almost anything. […]

Book Marketing –17 Effective Tips That Could Boost Your Book Sales

    Book Marketing Recipe – Based on second hand knowledge and first-hand experience, a successful online marketing cocktail looks like this: Equal parts hard work, talent and persistence, shaken for a long, long, long, long time, and some luck skewered onto a toothpick and thrown in for good measure.” – Kristin Weber Book marketing […]

Powerful Lead Generation Tips Authors

What is lead generation for authors? Lead generation process for authors is to get more and more readers as and when their books are published. Readers are our most necessary and valuable asset in the publishing industry . We need to find a way to generate leads from readers who will buy our books, read […]

The Allies Won Due to a pair of Golden Shoes

A TRANSFORMED HISTORY FOR….A PAIR OF SHOES!! On the 6th of June, 2020, when the world was busy combating the deadly virus, a band of battle scarred veterans gathered on the coast of Northern France to pay their obeisance to their predecessors, for whom “the longest day” was the shortest. Today, the famous beaches have […]