We are a group of Authors and writers. We want to provide excellent authoring, writing and editing services. Here you will get to read reviews of books published on different websites and publishing platforms. Reviews by authors and readers will also be available. Authors can publish their short bios, photos and free ads for their new books.

Our Mission

I am a word-wizard. Creative ideas sprout constantly within me. My true purpose in life is twofold – entertaining my audience and supporting budding authors to make them my buddies. It makes the true meaning of my life. It also gives me the reason to appreciate, encourage and help other would -be authors.. My works will be interspersed with love, life and loss; wonder, wander and wealth; thrills,suspense, adventures and surprises and many must read elements. My imagery of the word world will abound with space, history and archeology. I would like to explore all possibilities for self- publishing my 3 books listed below.

To support at least 50 authors for the Year 2024 – 2025 in their self- publishing efforts and make their efforts a success.

Our Vision

  • In the next one year my desire is to publish 3 of my books

        1. Be Your Own God – Realise your Life Purpose .

        2. The Blind Prince’s adventures.

        3. How to excel on your Studies.


Services which we can provide to businesspersons:

  • Website content.
  • Blog articles optimized with SEO.
  • WordPress websites.
  • Ebook writing.
  • Copywriting
  • Additional content writing and copywriting services on our website:
  • Find out more about my courses on copywrting and storytelling-

Basic Services for authors:


  • Book Cover Designs.
  • Editing for grammar, expression, tone , flow and logic and other needs.
  • Formatting of Books.
  • Blurb Writing.
  • Introduction writing.
  • Reviews of Old and new Books.
  • Video Scripts for Book Publishing.
  • Free ads for their new books they are about to publish.
  • Author’s Interviews in Text.
  • Podcasts of Their Interviews.
  • eBooks Writing.
  • WordPress Web Designing.
  • Ghost Writing.

 Marketing services For authors 

  • Digital Marketing.
  • Influencer Branding.
  • Advertisements for Books.
  • Review Management.
  • Presentations, Video scripts and others.
  • listing of Books.

Our Amazing Team

Why Me?

My Confidence stems from an excellent track record of Ghost writing, website and blog writing, copywriting and many other writing assignments . Also, we have plans to co- join with us many authors and writers doing creative work in Hindi and English. You can have a look at my samples here  and my Bio here.

 What am I doing now? – wellll…  managing my websites listed above, humouring the missus – she thinks I am humouring myself all the time, meeting my dentist to avoid becoming toothless -I cannot humour her though, interacting with with my ghost writing, web writing clients and writing my own books, meeting my other friends still trying to become tycoons though their families call them typhoons because they make the entire home upside down and the neighbours upset, counting my pennies to turn them into pounds, picking my nose in private , watching other women on phone – that is the nearest I can go to them and in general trying to remain alive and reduce my aging speed. These are done not necessarily in that order. 

Mr. Harshad Mehta : Designs, Updates all my websites.

Ms. Yashvini Bhatt : Creates blog ideas and writes many of my blogs.

All Authors who support my endeauvour.